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Glam Cam Experiences for Events

At Glam Cam we pride ourselves on being a trusted supplier to a large number of event agencies and commercial brands to carry out their videographic and photographic experiences at their events and activations.

Present in Spain and Mexico, the company has extensive experience in the sector, having carried out hundreds of events in both countries, which makes Glam Cam a reliable and secure option for Brands and Event Agencies.

Year after year we try to innovate in equipment that differentiates us from other service companies and we try to offer our clients original and unique devices.

Glam Cam Videographic Experiences for all kind of events

Working towards 2024


We are working on the new models that will be available in 2024, and as a preview, from October 2023, we will have the Glam Cam GlamBot, a compact robotic arm for events in all types of venues, due to the limitations that large ShowBolts or GlamBots have to access spaces that are not accessible by forklifts.

The new 2024 models will undoubtedly surprise audiences and customers alike, as we promise they will be innovative and entertaining, and in a world where there is a voracious appetite for the creation of digital content for networks, our experiences will help to viralise and generate a large part of this content.

GlamBot Glam Cam

The Glam Cam GlamBot is such a revolutionary product, that we have created a landing page exclusively to promote this new device.


GlamBot is an innovative robotic arm that allows you to create mesmerising video content with its impressive range of effects.

Weighing in at around 80Kg (vs. 2,500Kg for ShowBolts), thanks to its vertical slider, it offers a maximum reach of 2m and a height of almost 2m.



glambot robot arm

Glam Cam Experiences

To date, these are some of our most valued Experiences by users and agencies:

bullet time 180º


DSLR multi-camera installations were popularised by The Matrix saga, and are commonly known as the Matrix Effect.

X number of cameras, installed at 180º, 270º, 360º or even in a linear way, are adjusted pointing to the same focal point, millimetrically, which generates that when the sequence of images is captured, the effect obtained is an effect called Freeze Time or Freeze Effect.

A variant of this effect is to assign to X number of cameras a delay in the shot, while the rest of the cameras are shot synchronously, generating what is called Jump and Freeze Effect, that is to say, an initial movement is visualised, to culminate with a freeze effect.

This last effect is very popular when it comes to capturing jumps or in events to capture the flight of dresses and tails of dresses.




Light Painting, or Physiogram, is nothing more than holding a camera with the shutter open while making shapes and figures with beams of light.

What at first sight seems simple, hides a refined technique behind it to obtain an optimal result.

Light Painting can be done by a single camera, which is what is mostly done, but at Glam Cam, with the Bullet Time multi-camera systems, we decided to bet and give a twist to these installations, generating the Bullet Time Light Painting, which gives movement, 180º, 270º or 360º to an installation that was mostly static.

The effect is really incredible in all its varieties.





Although it is no longer a novelty, as it will be used in 2021 and 2022 in ALL events, there is still room for improvement and inclusion of this experience, adding new effects and immersive backgrounds to the recordings.

It’s the queen experience of the last few years that is currently still making users and agencies fall in love with the great results offered by this installation.

By adding AI effects and 360 and Chroma backgrounds, these devices are beginning to live a second youth.

track 360

TRACK 360º

One of the biggest limitations of Slow Motion 360º is its size and the maximum number of people that can access the platforms.

This is why we have the 360º Track, which consists of an engine on a Dolly, which can be extended as required, to take images of large groups or even place cars, trampolines and all kinds of elements inside it and obtain the same effects as in the smaller Slow Motion 360º devices.


track 360


Continuing with multi-camera systems, one option we have added is a multi-camera system based on mobile devices, IOS/Android.

This experience simulates the Paparazzi effect, up to 6 devices record video in real time, from the mobile devices located at different heights and angles to make a final resulting video with a live realization with the different shots. A different effect can be applied to each camera to obtain a unique result.

To reinforce the Paparazzi effect, we have added flash lights that simulate the flashes of the paparazzi cameras on the red carpets.



Through the technique of inverted Chroma, our MagicScan allows to reveal a hidden character behind the user who participates in this experience.

The hidden characters can be static, an image of the character, or mobile, with videos of the hidden characters, and a very important feature of this experience is that it tracks the user, adjusting the scale of the hidden character to the height of the user, making this experience perfect for both adults and children.


glam cam ar


An experience with many attractions for cinema, events or sports, is the possibility of taking a photo or video with admired characters.

The characters are previously recorded in a chroma to eliminate the background and later in the event the users select the different characters they want to record themselves with and these will enter the scene one by one.

A children’s version is also possible, adding animated characters previously designed and animated in 3D.

It is an Interactive Kiosk equipped with a camera with a depth sensor, which adjusts the contents to the size of the users.


Glam Cam Ipad Booth


It generates Slow Motion videos or Animated Gifs in this experience that is not new, but still has a large number of fans.

A simple system, based on a totem, but whose results are usually very pleasing to users.

Customisable through the use of superimposed layers or overlays, it can also generate different videos through the use of a chroma background and elaborate overlays.


We will shortly be adding the new proposals we are working on to complete an unrivalled range of Glam Cam Experiences to continue to be at the forefront of Experiences for our customers and users.