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Robotic arms with cameras to record videos and apply the Slow Motion effect are not entirely new, as they have been used before at the Oscars Gala and the Goya Awards in Spain.

Glam Cam Products

Among the products offered by Glam Cam, Glam Cam offers 360º Slow Motion video booths, Bullet Time, video booths with augmented reality, light painting and many more. Each of these products offers a unique and fun experience for event attendees.

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glambot robot arm



Available in October 2023

This October is a very special month as we launch the GlamBot Glam Cam to continue offering the latest in video experiences for events.

With a multitude of effects that can be applied, coupled with the 6 moving axes of the robotic arm and the slider that provides lateral movement, this new experience is sure to be a hit at any event.


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glambot robot arm




Glam Cam GlamBot

Robotic arms with cameras to record videos and apply the Slow Motion effect are not entirely new, as they have been used before at the Oscars Gala and the Goya Awards in Spain.

Although these robotic arms are of a large size and weight (up to 2.500Kg), in most cases a bull is needed to load and place these robotic arms in place, it is the price that makes these GlamBot elements prohibitive, being rented between €6.000 for half a day to €12.000 for a full day.





GlamBot in Film and Advertising

The companies that have this type of large robotic arms are usually companies dedicated to film and advertising, fields in which they can pay a high budget to have this type of robotic arms as well as adding cameras up to 1000fps in 4K and 8K that also have a high rental cost.


But is this necessary in events?

The reality is that no, at events the aim is for users to upload videos recorded at the event to social networks, where there is a weight limit for the videos as well as a limit on the resolution of the videos themselves.

If we add to this the fact that not in all events it is feasible to have a bull to access and place the robotic arm and that in many occasions there are no budgets for a Video Booth, large robotic arms have many limitations in the events sector.



Glam Cam GlamBot


Glam Cam is a company that clients and event agencies rely on to liven up their events with innovative and creative services and to find solutions to suit all types of events and budgets.

Therefore, in Glam Cam we are acquiring robotic arms, of much smaller size and weight (up to 80Kg), with up to 6 arms (with different turns), with which we can access all types of venues, with cameras more in line with the budgets of events and music festivals and with which we can offer much more economical and competitive budgets.





Glam Cam


The company has extensive experience in the sector, having carried out hundreds of events in Spain and Mexico, which makes it a reliable and safe option for Brands and Event Agencies to carry out all types of event installations.

In addition, Glam Cam has a professional and dedicated team of experts in photography, videography and technology. The staff is in charge of the entire process, from the installation and configuration of the equipment to the capture and editing of the videos, ensuring quality and excellence in each project.

Glam Cam stands out for its state-of-the-art video booths, which include a wide variety of cameras and lighting equipment, among others. All this ensures an impressive image quality, which makes each project unique and attractive for clients and event attendees.

Glam Cam has hundreds of satisfied customers who endorse its work and services. The company prides itself on having helped create unique and unforgettable experiences for its clients, which demonstrates its commitment to customer satisfaction and excellence in work.



Glam Cam is your technological photographic ally


We have experience in Slow Motion 360º, Bullet Time 180º and 360º installations, Light Painting, GlamBots, Augmented Reality, Inverted Jokes, Gif Generator, which we carry out on a regular basis both in Spain and Mexico.

Our experiences are completely customisable, amplifying the impact and brand image of events and activations.

Our clients and projects endorse us with thousands of recorded videos and hundreds of satisfied customers.

Glam Cam is present in Spain and Mexico to offer you our GlamBot, Bullet Time, Slow Motion, Augmented Reality, Track360, MagicScan and many other video experiences for Events.

Do not hesitate to consult us about your projects and together we will find the most viable and reliable way to carry it out.

Spain: (+34) 910580765

México: (+52) 5515317522